What is MedGuide?

The new simple way to get personalized information about your meds. 

All by answering a few questions in as little as seconds.

Advanced artificial intelligence technology gives you a new level of privacy and personalization.

MedGuide makes it easier than ever to be in the know about your meds.

Content, Technology and Design

There’s never been a pharmacist this artificially intelligent.

When expert content meets bits and bytes.

MedGuide uses industry-leading artificial intelligence technology, expert-curated content and groundbreaking design.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, our team of experts has compiled over 20,000 meds, more than 27,000,000 interactions and 6000 ATCs.

Laid out with intentional, beautiful design to create a seamless user experience.

Because design isn’t just about how it looks but also how it works.

Privacy and Security.

Confidentiality built into everything we do.

Simple as that.

MedGuide is built from the ground up with your privacy in mind.

Our products use no traceable personal data and give you complete control over your medical information.

What you share and with whom should be up to you.

Medical information is a private thing.

It belongs to you. Only you. 

Why MedGuide?

Leading healthcare institutions, pharmacists and retailers are implementing MedGuide to deliver more innovative and human care.

Experience MedGuide.

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Omeprazol and naproxen

Experience MedGuide using a combination of 2 over-the-counter (OTC) meds.

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Symptom Checker

Constipation (verstopping)

Find the right OTC product for a 35 year-old male who’s suffered from constipation for 2 days.

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MedGuide Onboarding


Discover the ease of creating your own personal MedGuide for an OTC med like ibuprofen.

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